Welcome to The International Yoga Center

Tokyo’s premier yoga center was established in 1994, dedicated to offering reliable and accurate teachings on the vast and subtle subject of yoga. The International Yoga Center (IYC), is a sanctuary providing breathing space, in the midst of the bustle of city life.

But more than just being a yoga center, IYC has evolved to be an essential catalyst for many who step through its doors, sparking the interest for a journey of self-inquiry. It continues to spread a variety of hatha yoga practice of cleansing mind & body with yearly retreats in Japan and abroad, as well as numerous classes at different Tokyo locations.

Now offering more than 250 classes a week, catering to the different needs of the student. From gentle and soft to more physically demanding approaches, there is always the underlying emphasis on breath, awareness and the art of balance. Experienced teachers, responsive to the needs of students, are on hand to help foster sensitivity to the language of intuition of the body and breath. The teacher is simply an outer guide, urging the student to reconnect with the inner guide.

We are now offering ZOOM yoga classes!
【T】=Teacher Training
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In line with the government policy, IYC has decided to reopen all our studios from June 1st 2020, as the declaration of state of emergency has been lifted.  IYC studio will continue to make the following efforts to ensure the safety of all participants.
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*All class/studio with which English instructions can be accommodated, as well as other languages.
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*We are closed from December 29 to January 4 due to the New Year holiday.  

★December English Schedule 2020

*Reception is on a first-come, first-served basis. If we exceed the maximum capacity of the studio, participation maybe refused.  Thank you for your understanding.  



  • No reservation/No annual fee/No initiation fee
  • Just show up 15 minutes prior to class
  • Tickets available at reception (exact change is appreciated)
    Drop-in ¥3,300
    4 Tickets  ¥11,000
    10 Tickets ¥22,000
    20 Tickets ¥35,200

    Rental mats available for ¥300 or rental mat ticket for ¥1,000(4 tickets)
    *all tickets are valid for 4 months after purchase
    *tickets can be used at ALL IYC studios and can be shared
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Please inquire for details at shop.en@old.iyc.jp