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【東京都】Find Your Element Workshop 2018 Spring『Cultivating Habits of Happiness』 講師:ケンハラクマ

on 作成: 2018.03.30 - ワークショップ, ケン・ハラクマ



Ken Harakuma


“Cultivating Habits of Happiness”

Finding peace and balance in today’s busy world can be challenging – after all, we are so busy being busy. But let’s face it: so much of our current unhappiness comes from our own thoughts and/or feelings. We tend to judge others as well as our experiences in terms of “good” or “bad”. We make ourselves feel inadequate, ashamed, vulnerable, and we just can’t seem to help but notice what everyone else has that we don’t.

The practice of yoga including meditation has multiple benefits that allow for a change in our approaches to life and its circumstances, not only on the mat but also off it as well. It gently helps us reshape our negative attitudes, narrow views, and unhappy thoughts through its physical postures (asanas) and breathing. Yoga creates the unity and connection required for happiness to bloom, taking us into our bodies in a non-judgmental way. It not only lifts our spirits, but it also lifts our lives.

Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, theorizes that while 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, the remaining 40 percent is up to us – if this is true, we need to get to work!

In this workshop, I will be sharing my life story as well as guiding you to learn ways on how to think and act that will impact our sense of happiness. Take it from the yogi. It’s all true.

This workshop will aim to show you how to:

Quiet down your mental chatter
Reduce sensations of anxiety and pain through various breathing
Learn to become less reactive
Think like a child


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