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【ZOOM】Bilingual Vinyasa Flow All-Level講師:Joey

on 作成: 2020.09.03 - ZOOM, 新着情報, ワークショップ, IYC講師

Let’s move and sweat together via ZOOM!

日程:毎週月曜日 Every Monday 19:00-20:15


In this class we will flow in a more dynamic style, integrating movement with breath. Students will be offered variations, so whether you are a beginner or intermediate student, you will always find a good balance and a bit of motivation to challenge yourself. This class will be taught in both English and Japanese.
You will be joined by other students from the Jimbocho studio.



What to bring: yoga mat, light blanket (optional)



Class level: all-level




Instructor profile: Passionate about sharing her love for yoga and healthy eating, Joey is a Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200 with Yoga Alliance, a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher with the International Yoga Center in Tokyo, and Chair of the Wellness Committee at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Joey has also obtained her certificate in nutrition from Cornell University and is currently completing her advanced teacher training (RYT 500) with Jason Crandell, one of the most respected Vinyasa flow yoga teachers in the world. https://www.instagram.com/joeytokyo/

12年前にヨガと出会い、ヨガの良さを広げたく、Under the LightでRYT200修了 
現在は、世界で最も尊敬されているヴィンヤサヨガ教師の一人であるジェイソン クランデルの下、RYT 500を取得中 


毎週月曜日 Every Monday 19:00-20:15

  • Please bring your IYC ticket with you and join 10-15 minutes before start to register. Please show us your physical ticket at the beginning of class.
  • クラス受付時にIYCチケットを提示していただくので、有効期限内のIYCチケットをお持ちいただき、クラス開始10-15分前までにはZOOMにサインインをお願いします。


Class fee – 1 IYC ticket

Tickets are available here: https://iyc.thebase.in/

Drop-in ¥3,300 
4 Tickets  ¥11,000
10 Tickets ¥22,000
20 Tickets ¥35,200

If you need help purchasing tickets, please email Joey at joeytokyoyoga@gmail.com.

You will receive your package tickets by post within 2-3 days. If you plan to take a class before you receive your tickets, please write down the class you plan to attend in the Note column when you make the purchase. Tickets can be used in any IYC studio when they re-open. You can share your tickets with others.

有効期限内の回数券もしくはドロップイン (1回券)の購入番号をご用意ください。チケットのご購入はIYCオンラインショップから。
IYCオンラインショップ: https://iyc.thebase.in/




To register, please email joeytokyoyoga@gmail.com with the below info at least 60 minutes before class.


Email subject: Vinyasa Flow (Date)

  1. Name
  2. IYC ticket number – see the ticket number on your ticket pack (e.g. No. 123456)
  3. Package type (e.g. 4-ticket package)
  4. The order of that ticket (e.g. 5th of 20-ticket package)
  5. Language preference (English or Japanese or either)

*If you have purchased a drop-in ticket online, please write down the order ID (16 digit) instead of package info, and state that your ticket is for drop in. (e.g. No.0000000123456789, drop-in)

You will receive a Zoom URL after you register. Please join at least 10-15 minutes before class starts.




タイトル:「6/xx (日付) Vinyasa Flow参加申し込み」 

  1. お名前
  2. IYCチケット番号(有効期限の日付下のNoから始まる6桁の番号、記入例:No.123456)
  3. チケット回数(4回、10回、20回 のどれか)
  4. 何枚目のチケットを使用するか(20回チケットの7枚目)
  5. 言語希望(英語・日本語・どちらでも)


※ドロップイン(1回券)の方はお名前と購入時に発行される注文ID(16桁)&ドロップインとご記入ください (記入例: No.0000000123456789、ドロップイン)


▼担当者氏名: Joey


Please contact Joey at joeytokyoyoga@gmail.com if you have any questions.


更新: 2020.09.05 作成: IYC